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New Materials Introduced To Our Range

At Creative Spaces we continually search for alternatives to commonly used materials in creative displays. We think it’s important to be on the look out for the most sustainable and cost effective solutions for our clients. We have recently sourced some new products that we are excited to put into use.

A couple worth mentioning…

‘DISPA’ paper board is perfect for short-term events without any compromise on quality. Super lightweight and rigid, the board is made from 100% embossed formed paper so is fully recyclable after use.

‘KAPA’ board isn’t new to the industry, but we think is a perfect alternative to traditional materials within creative displays. Made with a rigid foam inner and hardwearing aluminium skin it is super lightweight, durable and re-usable. Available in a number of finishes it can easily give a premium look. Its Euroclass B Certification makes it perfect for retail and interior applications.

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