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New Materials Introduced To Our Range

materials for exhibition stands

Glastonbury Festival has just passed and it was interesting to see how one of the biggest festivals in the world is doing its bit to reduce its environmental footprint. The sale of single-use water bottles were banned from this year’s festival after one million single-use plastic bottles were sold at Glastonbury in 2017. We are happy to see that the organisers of such a famous event are taking this step to reduce its environmental footprint, we hope that other festival organisers follow suit.

Although not as big as Glastonbury… here at Creative Spaces we are trying to do our bit in the industry through promoting sustainable design. We believe it is important that all businesses strive to reduce their environmental footprint for the well-being of future generations. We continue to source sustainable alternatives to commonly used single-use materials in our industry, without compromising on quality. We are hoping to make an impact even if it’s just a small one for now. But, who knows? Maybe one day we will be as big as Glastonbury.