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Whether you're a brand new start up or an existing business looking to refresh your brand presence, getting noticed in an ocean of competitors requires a strong visual identity. At Creative Spaces, we can take your core values and messages and deliver them in a visually impactful way that reflects the personality of your business.

We offer a complete brand identity service in-studio; ranging from the design of a logo to an extensive brand guidelines document for use by all your team members. We can implement branding and strategy into any exhibition, interior, retail or events project, creating a synergy between the 2D and 3D design of your brand and space.

Eleven Eleven

The brief: Pastel-luxe and brunch bar inspired by Art Deco.

Eleven Eleven approached us to support the rebrand and remodelling of their coffee shop. With the intention that the new brand would inform the interior design scheme that we later completed. Working on the brand and interior scheme simultaneously allowed us to create a transformation that was seemless and fully cohesive without. We were asked to take into consideraton the name 'Eleven Eleven' relating to manifestation and the angel number 11:11 for the theming and using luxury pastel colours for an 'instagrammable' feel.

Brand Identity - Brand Guidelines - Social Media Management

The Concept

Pastel. Art Deco. Manifestation.

Art Deco Branding Influences

Our aim was to create a luxurious pastel feel for the brand and interior. As a starting point we explored imagery relating to Art Deco which is synonymous with opulence and luxury. Observing the curved archways that appear in Art Deco architecture and typefaces.


Taking inspiration from the name 'Eleven Eleven' we explored the principles of manifestation and graphic styles used to communicate it. One aspect in particular included expressing gratitude in the form of repetitive lists and spiritual imagery of hands, eyes, arches and sunbursts.

Eleven Eleven

From brand to application.

brand guidelines

The process of building extensive brand guidelines allowed us to frame the Eleven Eleven brand values and tone of voice. From this point the brand took on its own personality and had a number of attributes we could use later in applications like social media.

a designed menu
brand design planning

Applications: Incorporating the brand across the various digital and physical touch points of the brand, including table menus, paper coffee cups and membership cards. Digitally, we created a social media strategy for Eleven Eleven that was as vibrant and personality-filled as the brand. Utilising a mixture of product photography, branding and video content.

Our Services

Brand Services

For some businesses brand identity is a bit of an after thought, something that doesn't add directly to your business. In recent times this view couldn't be more far away from the truth. Your visual identity should allow you to build a culture around your business and build an affinity with your audience.

we also offer a social media markeitng service

art board example for start up branding

Start-up brand

For businesses who are just starting out, looking to make a strong impression within their audience with a visual identity with impact.

- Basic brand strategy & identity

- Logo suite

- Basic social media pack

- Brand Guidelines

branding design options 1

Full rebrand

For more established businesses who want to refresh their brand, looking intently at your new brand positioning and on boarding to your social channels.

- Full brand strategy & identity & positioning

- Logo suite

- Full social media pack

- Two branded assets (print or digital)

- Brand Guidelines

branding on mobile

Brand & Socials

For businesses who are looking to make a considerable investment in their brand. Looking at the implementaton of the brand across all touchpoints of your business including your social media strategy.

- Full brand strategy & identity

- Logo suite

- Social media Strategy

- Social Media Pack

- Four branded assets (print or digital)

- Brand Guidelines