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1% For the Planet

In recent years, ‘Sustainability’ has become the newest buzz word used within business. And although this may seem like a great thing for the environment, claiming to be sustainable and actioning real change are not always mutually exclusive. We realise that as an eco-conscious design agency, it’s not enough to just ensure that our internal processes, materials and designs are sustainable.

To truly act on our sustainable values and action change outside of our industry we have to make a measurable and impactful commitment. With this we are proud to say we are supporting the non-profit 1% For the Planet. Their mission to make environmental giving easier, smarter, and more accessible to all is something that resonates with us and our values. 1% of our total turnover annually will be donated to worthy environmental causes including climate, water, pollution and wildlife.

Why 1% for the Planet?

“1% for the Planet is an innovative and accessible way to support the environment. Our movement of businesses and individuals takes real responsibility for our planet. Whether making smarter giving decisions, creatively collaborating or leveraging the 1% for the Planet brand to encourage everyone to purchase for the planet, the network we’ve created delivers greater support for environmental solutions in need of increased support.”
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Want to know more?

Visit the 1% For the planet website for more information about this great organisation.