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Exhibition Stand Ideas 2024

exhibition stand design ideas 2024

Discover a range of exhibition stand ideas, where we explore the secrets to creating compelling and successful exhibition stands. At Creative Spaces Design, we understand that designing an exhibition stand is both an art and a science. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand, products, and services to a wide audience. Whether you’re working with a small space or have a sprawling exhibit area, we’ve covered you with creative strategies and tips to make your next exhibition a remarkable success.


London Vet Show – 2023


What Makes a Good Exhibition Stand?

Many factors come into play when making a good exhibition stand such as:

1. Reflect your brand identity: Your stand should instantly communicate your brand’s values, message and personality. Use consistent branding elements such as colours, logos, and slogans to create a cohesive and memorable experience.

2. Engage and capture attention: Attract attendees with eye-catching visuals, unique designs, and interactive elements that pique their interest. Your stand should be impossible to ignore!

    Buro Happold – PTE 2023


    3. Tell a story: Craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience. Share your company’s journey, showcase your products’ benefits, or highlight customer success stories to create a compelling narrative.
    4. Functionality: Ensure that your stand is visually appealing and practical. It should facilitate meaningful interactions, product demonstrations, and business discussions.
    5. Comfortable and welcoming: Make visitors feel at home with comfortable seating, well-lit areas, and an inviting atmosphere. A relaxed visitor is more likely to engage in a conversation.

    The Safeguarding Company – Bett 2023


    Exhibition stands can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the space you have it’s important to understand how to get the best out of your space.


    How to Design a Small Exhibition

    Designing on a smaller scale presents unique challenges and opportunities, but there are many small exhibition stand ideas to maximise your impact in a compact space:


    • Minimalism with Impact
      Embrace minimalistic design principles to avoid overcrowding. Use clean lines, a limited colour palette, and strategic placement of visuals to make the most of your limited space.

    • Verticality
      Utilise vertical space by incorporating tall, attention-grabbing structures. Hanging banners, vertical screens and elevated displays can help you stand out

    • Modular Design
      Invest in modular displays that can adapt to different spaces. This flexibility allows you to make the most of your booth, whether it’s a small corner or an inline booth.

    • Digital Engagement
      Replace physical brochures and static displays with interactive touchscreens or tablets. This not only saves space but also engages visitors on a more personal level.

    • Compact Furniture
      Choose space-saving furniture that serves a dual purpose, like storage benches or display tables with hidden compartments.


    At Creative Spaces Design, we collaborate closely with UESHIMA coffee company to create memorable experiences. With every project, we carefully consider the space.
    We crafted a modern, sleek design with a pop of their brand colour for impact! By incorporating a television and a coffee vending machine, we drew visitors to the stand to chat while sampling a delicious coffee.


    How to Design a Large Exhibition

    Working with a large space comes with its challenges. The goal is to create a space that is both impactful and engaging, while still maintaining a comfortable environment for attendees.

    Here are a few considerations to think about when building your space:


    Zone your space

    Divide your booth into distinct zones, each with a specific purpose. For example, you could have areas for product demos, networking and a lounge.

    Create focal points

    Use large, eye-catching elements as focal points to draw attendees in. This could be a massive video wall, a towering sculpture, or an immersive display.

    Interactive stand ideas

    Take advantage of the space by offering immersive experiences like virtual reality demos, interactive games, or live demonstrations.

    • Lounge Areas: Design comfortable lounge areas where visitors can relax, chat, and recharge. It’s a great way to facilitate longer and more meaningful conversations.

    • Traffic Flow: Pay attention to the flow of foot traffic. Use signage, pathways, and strategically placed displays to guide visitors through your booth.


    Haygrove GmbH serves as a prime example of a spacious exhibition booth that allows for creative design and the creation of distinct areas. By incorporating multiple seating sections, a larger number of visitors were able to enjoy the space simultaneously. Using large-scale branding grabs your attention and commands the space, immediately communicating their brand message. Additionally, the incorporation of their 3D models serves as focal points and sparks conversations.


    How to Get More People to Your Exhibition Stand

    Now that you have the perfect exhibition stand design, it’s time to focus on attracting visitors.

    Here are some creative ideas for exhibition stands:


    1. Pre-event promotion: Use social media, email marketing, and your website to announce your participation in the event and create anticipation.
    2. Engaging invitations: Send personalised invitations to your target audience, highlighting
      the unique experiences they can expect at your booth.
    3. Networking: Connect with other exhibitors and attendees before the event to build relationships and cross-promote your presence.
    4. Promotional giveaways: Offer promotional items or exclusive discounts to those who visit your booth.
    5. Interactive teasers: Generate curiosity by talking about the stand’s interactive elements
      on social media or through event-related apps.
    6. On-site activities: Host live presentations, workshops, or entertainment that will attract
      attendees to your booth.


    Linnaeus BVNA 2023

    Designing an exceptional exhibition stand is a powerful way to make a lasting impression on event attendees. Whether you’re working with a small or large space, incorporating interactive elements, or focusing on attracting more visitors, careful planning and attention to detail are key.

    At Creative Spaces Design, we specialise in creating unique and engaging exhibition stand designs that align with your brand and goals. With the right design ideas and strategies, your exhibition stand can become a magnet for visitors and a catalyst for business success. We have a wide range of different clients whom we have worked with to design and build their exhibition stands in a variety of different sizes and requirements.


    1. Whatsapp 2022

    We worked with Whatsapp to build and install an exhibition stand to showcase Whatsapp for business at the B2B marketing event. We created an inviting space for attendees to learn more about the app and engage with it. Taking advantage of the spacious area, we divided into zones to allow for conversations to take place. To generate excitement and to draw people to the stand, we designed a custom green moss, wooden structure of the well-known WhatsApp icon.   


    2. Craft House Coffee

    We constructed another innovative exhibition for Craft House Coffee. By designing a custom metal framework we were able to mimic the brand’s icon. This eye-catching shape, paired with the brand’s vibrant orange creates a focal point that is both recognisable and stands out among the crowd.


    3. Blue Earth Summit

    Another immersive design we built was for Blue Earth Summit. Sustainability is a core value of RSPB and SOWI, so we were given the task of creating a single stand that could be easily adapted, re-branded, and reused for both The Blue Earth Summit and Business Green events. By maintaining an abstract natural theme for the background, we were able to effortlessly swap out the branding and messaging without compromising the design.


    There are many exhibition stand design and build ideas that can be used to create a visually appealing and attractive exhibition stand. For further information on how we can help you with your exhibition stand design in 2024, please get in touch with us today!