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Before we start shouting about what’s going on within our blog, I suppose we ought tell you who’s doing the shouting.We are Dan, Tom, Dave and Sophie, collectively we are the team behind Creative Spaces Design and the Creative Blog.

As if by magic we have appeared here, but where did we come from?

Answer: We have all existed within the Design, Exhibition & Event Industry for many years and a perfect storm has brought us all together.

So…. What’s to shout about?Well, there’s been quite a bit happening, we’ve been juggling setting up our new premises and settling in whilst getting a few projects delivered on point and on time.We will spare you the details on that, but we do want to share some current news with you.

Todays the day when we launch our website, like all websites, it’s an ever-evolving information and communication platform. Hopefully you’ll find the site content informative and more importantly it’ll nudge you in to getting in touch with us.