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Why We Do It

Sustainable Design is no longer a choice.

Many individuals and companies are now making Eco-conscious decisions. At Creative Spaces we are doing our bit to be part of an Eco-positive mindset in a traditionally wasteful industry. Sooner rather than later, single use approaches are becoming inadequate in sustainable development, so we do things a little differently. By consistently questioning how we do things, from presentation techniques, build methods, materials used and how we dispose/recycle materials, we react with positive change.
"Doing our bit to make the world a little greener. Think cradle to cradle."
– Creative Spaces Design
Eco Stands


Our Eco-Frame range are the efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for businesses that want to reduce their mark on the planet, without compromising on quality. These frames can be reused, reconfigured and recycled.
Creative Spaces hold a diverse range of Eco-Frames, which means we can always make your space unique and sustainable, whether that’s an exhibition stand, stage backdrop, reception or a retail display. Our Eco-Frames are manufactured using 100% recycled aluminium. The Eco-Frames are easy to set up, reconfigure and pack down to store and transport. 


Imagine having great flooring that is 100% re-usable too. Creative Spaces supply a range of premium carpets to complement our 40mm raised Eco-floor. These are durable and easy to clean, which makes them a perfect sustainable flooring solution. The carpet can even be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner as our carpet can be fully recycled.
Alternatively, if carpet tiles aren’t right for your brand, then choose flooring made from natural materials, which can be recycled after the exhibition. We have plenty of samples in the studio to help make the right decision.
Eco Floor


PlayWood is our customizable and modular bracket system. You can use recycled materials for the structures and our brackets can be re-used with no need for drilling, gluing or screwing, making Playwood an asset that can grow with you. Thanks to our PlayWood assembly system, you can have a modern, functional and elegant space: all the materials can be used again and again adapting to your needs. Our pop-up shops are designed to be easily disassembled and used multiple times adding real value to any campaign.

Be Proud

The only way to promote being green and sustainable is to shout about it. So, if you choose to go green make sure you let your visitors, guests, customers, existing and new clients know about it.
Going greener not only has great benefits for the environment but can also help boost profits by cutting out waste and drive brand loyalty too.