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What we do


Exhibition stands designed and built by Creative Spaces always make an impact. Every customers key objective is carefully considered, resulting in comprehensive branded events and exhibitions that transform concepts into engaging consumer’s experiences.

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What We Do

How we make exhibitions sustainable.

A combination of ineffective practices, lack of regulation and the fast paced nature of exhibiting contribute to a traditionally wasteful industry. As an experienced team of designer-makers sustainability and environmental responsibility lie at the core of everything we do. We design and build flexible exhibition solutions which maximise re-use and reduce waste. From design through to production we consider the full lifecycle of our products and materials. It's important to us where our materials come from and even more so, where they go next.

Our modular eco-frame system provides us with a flexible foundation, which is enhanced with solvent free fabric graphics, LED lighting and custom features. The modular system is fully reconfigurable, endlessly recyclable and engineered to last.

How We Do It

Modular, plug and play system.

75% recycled aluminium frame

Our eco-frame system is manufactured from 75% recycled aluminium. It is endlessly re-usable and re-configurable allowing for greater flexibility in the design process whilst providing consistent quality.

Reusable graphics

We consider how we can optimise your graphics to suit varying footprints, helping you to maximise your budget whilst reducing environmental impact. We can store and re-use your graphic assets whilst ensuring the same quality and consistent brand presence.


At 1.28 kg/m, our aluminium frames are extremely lightweight despite their strength and size. Lower load weight means we can reduce the number of vans we use for transport and therefore produce less CO2 emissions in the process, compared to custom-built stands.

Our Process

From concept to completion.


Everything starts with you and your space. Our first priority is understanding through consultation what you need from your stand and what you're communicating.

Floor Plan

After establishing your needs, your project enters our design studio. Our designers will create a floor plan that makes the most effective use of your space.

3D Visual

A 3D visual is worth a thousand words.
Our designers will visualise your stand, so that you are 100% satisfied before sign off for production.

Build & Setup

Production is completed in our workshop. We will transport the stand to your venue for build and setup with a project manager on-site to support throughout.


After the show, we will safely dismantle your stand. Your graphics can then be transported and stored, where they can be reused and reconfigured for a future event.

Case Study- Collectiv

Case Study

Brief: Open plan minimalist stand with clean lines. The perfect framing to showcase product.

3D Design - Technical Drawings - Production - Project Management - Installation

The Concept

Spacious. Minimalist.

Designing a stand for Collectiv at the Cafe Culture Show was an opportunity for us to showcase an exhibition stand design with clean lines and minimalism, in-line with the bold brand personality of Collectiv.

Our goal was to create the perfect framing to enhance but not detract from the product with custom-built red metalwork shelves and illuminated signage. Encouraging people on to the stand with lots of bright open plan space with a central hub drawing people in.

The central hub houses the coffee machines framing them as the main focus of the stand and adorned in Collectiv's distinctive branding and colour scheme.