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Transforming Cardiff Co-working Spaces with our COVID-19 Safety Range

Businesses have been adjusting the way they work since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw our home dining tables turn into our office desks and our family members turn into our colleagues. As we adjust to our new normal, we are always discovering new ways to stay social, at a distance.

That’s why we’re excited to showcase our latest collaboration with Cardiff co-working space; Rabble Studio.

Collaborating with Rabble Studio Co-working Space

In preparation for adjusting to the new ‘normal’, Rabble Studio reached out to us in search of solutions to enable co-workers to work collaboratively, at a distance and with heightened levels of hygiene.

Our Solution 

After in-depth discussions with the team at Rabble Studio, we gained an understanding of their space and what they require in order to maximise the use of their studio, while conforming to social distancing measures.

This was our solution:

  • Our modular collection: our collection of space partitions were used to divide desk and floor space throughout the office
  • Hand sanitising stations: we custom branded hand sanitising units to place in key office areas to promote effective hygiene measures throughout the office space

All of our safety range solutions are created and customised to represent your brand identity; bringing both quality and safety to your space.

Co-working Spaces

Before the pandemic, co-working spaces and collaborative offices allowed small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to work in a thriving environment. With the right precautions, we can see a safe return to co-working spaces. Whether you’re part of a shared office or a co-working space, take a look at how we can transform your space with our COVID-19 Safety Range or get in touch with us to find out more.