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‘2020 is world’s last chance to tackle climate change and protect nature, heads of environmental bodies warn’

The coming year is being considered the “last chance” to bring the world together to tackle climate change, to protect communities and nature, the heads of two key environmental bodies have warned.

Climate change and damage to nature are already having “dire consequences”, the leaders of the government agencies Natural England and the Environment Agency have said. In an article, Natural England chair Tony Juniper and the Environment Agency’s Emma Howard Boyd have pointed to the recent flooding which saw hundreds of people evacuated from Fishlake, Doncaster, with some still out of their homes.

“It’s clear that 2020 is our last chance to bring the world together to take decisive action on climate change in order to protect our communities and reverse the alarming loss of wildlife we have witnessed in recent years,” Mr Juniper and Ms Howard Boyd said.

“If we are to adapt to what are now inevitable climatic shifts, including the effects of extreme weather, then restoring the natural environment must be at the heart of our response.”

“Our government has the opportunity to lift plans for clean, green, healthy and resilient communities at home towards action for the whole world,” Mr Juniper and Ms Howard Boyd said.

“In that programme it will have our full support, for if we walk the talk, we might just persuade others to share our vision.”

Press Association

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