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The Key to a Successful Design: How We Do It

At Creative Spaces, we create and deliver ground-breaking work every
day. Design is a key aspect of all of our projects; whether we are working
on brand activation or creating a new retail space.
Our process incorporates expertise of both our team and our client’s team
to ensure we exceed expectations. We become an extension to your team
and collaborate our knowledge and expertise to create great work.
We have many steps in our process, but these are the ones we
consistently take to ensure we are delivering quality work and exceeding
  1. Understanding the client and their brand
    We ask a lot of questions throughout the project, especially at the
    planning and briefing stages. Spending time to get to know your brand
    and setting project objectives is really important to ensuring we are all on
    the same page and have the context we need to bring your brand to life.
    Our aim in brand activation and rolling out this brand to retail and interior
    displays is to drive long-term connections between your brand and your
    audience. We do this by really getting to know you and your brand.
  2. Focusing on the customer
    Understanding your customer is integral to our work. We put ourselves in
    the shoes of your target audience and get to know what really makes
    them convert to buying customers. Our aim is to increase the enjoyment
    and emotional connection your customers have with your brand, with the
    ultimate goal to increase brand awareness, build trust and drive sales
    through our work.
    We enable your brand to provide memorable experiences for your
    customers in everything we do.
  3. Objectives and communication
    With every project we deliver, we set measurable objectives, deadlines
    and ensure we communicate openly throughout the project.
    Communication is key and aligns well with our first point, helping us get to
    know you.
    We are passionate about working with your marketing team side by side
    to ensure we are not only fulfilling our objectives but also helping you
    grow your brand. Your success is our success!
    So, you’ve heard how we do it, but what do we really do?

What we do

It all starts with an idea and a design. Our design expertise is incorporated
in everything we do, but essentially we deliver within these four niches:
  • Exhibitions: We design and create everything from exhibition
    stands to lighting.
  • Brand Activation: We bring to life your brand, creating conceptual
    environments and driving a brilliant brand experience.
  • Retail: From printed labels to large retail displays, we fulfil a brand
    experience within your retail space.
  • Interiors: We can design your entire interior space, or a designated
    part of it. Whatever the task, we’d love to hear about it.
Our talented team may specialise in designing, creating and delivering for
the above sectors, but we are never limited to just working within these
perimeters. If you’ve got an idea, we’d love to add to it.

Let’s work together.



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