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10 Common Mistakes When Planning An Exhibition

Taking part in an exhibition can be costly and time-consuming, but if this gives your business the chance to show off its products and services it will be worthwhile.
Having a stand, whether in the UK or abroad, should not simply be a matter of booking a space and hoping for the best. Before deciding on a company to design and produce your stand, you need to consider whether they really understand what your needs are and if their values align with yours.
At Creative Spaces Design, we have designed and produced stands for a wide range of companies across various industries in Europe and the UK. We work closely alongside your team and look after everything from start to finish. All you have to do is turn up and do what you do best.
Based on our experiences we have compiled 10 common mistakes made when planning an exhibition.

Ignoring the Exhibitor’s Manual

Even if you’re an experienced exhibitor, and you’ve attended the same event in the past, you can’t afford to make this mistake. Check and double-check all the information the organisers provide and ensure you submit all the required forms within the allotted time to prevent last-minute stress and additional costs.

Failing to Define Your ‘Why’

Attending exhibitions costs money, and attending is pointless if you don’t make some return on that investment. If you don’t define your ‘why’ beforehand, you will have no objective methods of knowing whether you’ve actually had a successful event. Think about what you want to achieve, set some targets, and then figure out how to meet them.

Choosing the Wrong Team

Too few people—or even too many people—staffing your exhibition stand can spell disaster, but it’s generally better to have too many than not enough. Each member of the team needs to be able to communicate in a confident and friendly manner and be a knowledgeable and positive representative for your brand.

Not Conveying Your Brands Message Correctly

Exhibition stands need to provide information quickly and clearly, and that information needs to be consumer-oriented. Assume that people don’t know your brand, and make sure your stand tells them who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them, with clear, informative graphics.

Poor Use of Social Media

Social media can bring you more visitors, but not if your messages lack creativity and ignore your audiences’ needs. It’s not enough to tell people you’re at an exhibition, you need to make them want to engage with you. Create a destination.

Not Providing Take-Home Information

It’s essential that you provide visitors with something they can take away with them, even if it’s just a small brochure. Providing that take-home info increases the chance that visitors will return to your stand or contact you after the event.

Not Nailing Your Sales Pitch

Can you explain your brand in 30 seconds or less? During the course of a single day you’ll be talking to potentially hundreds of people, and few will want to spend more than a few minutes at a single stand. Practice before the event to make sure you’re ready, and if you have a team working with you, make sure they do the same.

Letting Your Attention Wander

Exhibitions are exhausting, but you can’t afford to let it show. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but it’s best to do this out of sight of visitors. If you’re at your stand, you’re paying attention—not using your phone, eating, or doing anything other than being ready for the next visitor.

Refusing to Talk Price

Exhibitions are competitive, and visitors want as much information as they can get—so you can’t afford to hesitate when it comes to talking price. Even if your prices are highly customisable, you can still provide a minimum-maximum price range to a potential customer.

Not Following Up on Leads

A number of exhibitors fail to follow up on the leads they generate at events, which really makes you wonder what they’re doing there in the first place. Don’t waste those opportunities—follow up on every lead.

Now you have an idea of the hurdles you can face when attending an exhibition. Don’t be put off by the list above, get in touch and we will guide you through the whole process. From design, build, management and logistics on site. We’ve got you covered.