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Our Services


At Creative Spaces we have the capabilities to take your project from beginning to end, from studio to workshop to you. We are designer makers, meaning not only can we deliver on innovative and effective design but we can also produce the 3D visions we've designed for you in our very own workshop. This allows us full control and consistency over the quality of our builds, assuring you the best quality for your project.

Installation and delivery

Sustainable Material

In every instance we are always aiming to source the most sustainable materials and practices, ensuring your project has minimal cost to the environment.

Exhibition Installation


Our workshop is situated alongside our design studio meaning both processes work in harmony. We oversee almost all production and we only use reputable suppliers for outsourced custom work.

Asset storage


We take care of the full finishing of your build including, vinyling, floor & wall paints and stains, tiling and decorative work.