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Partnering with PlayWood; your New Eco-Friendly Solution

It’s been an exciting few weeks here at Creative Spaces Design. We have partnered up with PlayWood to bring a sustainable and reusable solution to your office, home or retail and interior spaces. 

What is PlayWood? 

PlayWood is our customisable and modular bracket system, and also referred to as your new construction toy. The versatility of PlayWood allows you to use recycled materials for the structures and our brackets to keep them in place, with no need to drill, glue or screw, making it a reusable system that can grow and adapt with you and your settings. 

How can PlayWood transform my space? 

We’ve thrown the word versatile around a lot but PlayWood really does adapt with you, whether you’re creating a modern and elegant look, or a functional and rustic look. The easy-to-attach brackets allow you to adapt your furniture size and style to suit your area. 

From desks and shelves to exhibition stands and pop-up shops, the opportunities with PlayWood are endless. The innovative assembly system lets you connect any type of panel between 15 and 19mm, giving you the opportunity to swap out material sizes, designs and shapes. 

Discover just a few of PlayWood’s benefits: 

  • Flexible fixing: Customise and replace your materials without the concern of having to use the exact material thickness again. You can fit materials between 15 and 19mm 
  • Strong and resilient: Thanks to the durable reinforcement of glass fibres, PlayWood furniture can cope with a wider load capacity
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor: The connectors are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions

The opportunities really are endless, and what’s more; they’re an eco-friendly solution to furnishing your home…

Working with PlayWood for the Planet

Like Creative Spaces, PlayWood’s core values align with making the world a more sustainable place. The materials used to create the eco-furniture are sustainably sourced and reusable, making them a flexible solution for creatively furnishing your space. We’re proud to partner with other eco-conscious businesses and we’re excited to collaborate!