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Our COVID-19 Safety Range: Bringing Branded Protection to Your Space

COVID-19 is changing the way businesses work, communicate and deliver products and services. We want to help you navigate and succeed during these challenging times.

Over the past few months, protection, sanitization and preventing the spread of germs has become a priority. That’s why we have been working hard to develop our Safety Range.

We design spaces to allow you to stay social, at a distance, while putting the health and safety of both your colleagues and your customers first.


Our Safety Range


Essential Collection

Our essential range comprises of Eco-Frame partitions and displays with a hand sanitizing dispenser attached. These tie safety and brand together, making what could just be a clinical protocol, into a branded and elegant advertising tool. Why not use it as an opportunity to welcome your customers and a place to display your brand messaging?

Our elegant displays are designed for your space, available in a range of sizes and in clear acrylic or solid panels, depending on your needs. Choose to bring sanitization requirements into your space in a clever and innovative way.

Digital Collection

Our digital Eco-Frame partitions provide an opportunity to speak to your customers as soon as they enter your doors, adding to their sensory brand experience and trust. Add a monitor or tablet onto your display to communicate with your customers while they’re waiting in line or hand sanitizing.

Our digital displays can also be fitted with an infrared camera for scanning body temperature, providing preventative solutions to keep your staff and customers safe.

Modular Collection

One of the most effective solutions for maintaining excellent customer service at a safe distance, is with our modular space divider. Choose between free-standing or attached dividers for partitioning desks, dividing space between tables or shielding your staff and customers when serving or making purchases.

Our dividers aim to create healthy spaces while maintaining style and quality within your environment. The dividers can be finished with fabric, rounded edges, solid panels, or clear acrylic depending on your requirements.

Thermal Collection

Promote confidence and safety in your environment with our Fever Screening Camera Entry System. At Creative Spaces, we can configure the technology to suit your environment or entrance. Our tailored systems conform to GDPR data regulations, provide an abnormal temperature alert and don’t require any physical contact.

So, why choose to work with us to tailor and install your Fever Screening System?

  • We offer a free consultative site survey
  • Installation and training is included
  • We offer competitive pricing
  • Our screening can be suited to your requirements and any of the following environments: retail, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, gyms, health centers, beauty salons, barbers, schools and office environments.

Introduce peace of mind into your environment, for you, your colleagues and your customers.

Sustainable Safety

As with all of our products, we are proud to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials and processes when developing your safety collections. Our Safety Range uses Eco-Frames which are an environmentally friendly solution that offer diversity in uses and design.

As you prepare to open and adapt to working around COVID-19, consider how our Safety Range can bring safe distance, sanitization, peace of mind and a unique advertising tool into your working environment. Talk to us today to book your free consultation and to find out how we can help you get ready to re-open.


Let’s get social at a distance.


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