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Our 5 Tips for Working from Home

Working from Home

Your home is now your office. Like you, the Creative Spaces Design team are moving their creative workspace to their home office or living rooms.

If the novelty is slowly starting to wear off, take a look at our five top tips for working from home to help you stay productive, positive, focused, and of course, keep the creativity flowing from home.


  1. Establish a routine

Begin the day with your usual alarm, a shower and breakfast before settling down to your workspace. While it’s tempting not to, it’s important to get dressed every morning to mentally set yourself up for the day.

Establishing a routine and sticking to your usual working hours and schedule from the beginning helps improve productivity, prevent distractions and stimulate creativity.


  1. Take a break

As part of your routine, make sure you take a break, grab a coffee and stretch your legs. Try scheduling your lunchbreak into your calendar so you are able to enjoy your lunch away from your workspace.

Why not fit your daily exercise into your break? Take a walk outside or participate in a home workout with your family. This time away from your screen is key to making your afternoon productive and focused.


  1. Increase communication

We spend a large part of our day in the office interacting; whether it’s asking for feedback on some work or making a coffee with a colleague. As humans, we are wired to communicate, so make sure you are checking in with your teammates by using communication tools such as Slack or Zoom.


  1. Move around

It’s important to keep moving for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Why not walk and talk for that client call? Don’t feel pressured to remain at your desk all day. Be sure to move away from your workspace when taking breaks and maximise on any opportunities to go outside for some fresh air.


  1. Set boundaries

Finding boundaries between your work and personal life can often be a challenge when your home is now your office too. While this can be challenging if you have little ones running around, being able to focus without lots of distractions is important. Set expectations with your family that you will be working and unavailable between certain times, but remember to enjoy a well-deserved break with your loved ones when you can.

Most importantly, remember to look after your physical and mental wellbeing while working remotely. Check in with family and friends regularly, and keep communicating with colleagues. Remember, our planet is also healing too during this time; with less commuting, we are doing our part to help the environment.