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How To Attract More Visitors To Your Stand?

From small shows to big industry events, trade shows can be a great way to gain new leads and exposure for your brand and business. As with all marketing methods, they are all about gaining results and getting high numbers of visitors and ultimately walking away with more leads.
At Creative Spaces Design we understand that agreeing to exhibit at a show is an investment that you need a return on. So, here are a few of our top tips to attract more visitors to your stand.

Know your objectives

Be clear about what you would like your stand to achieve and who you want to target. You will need to communicate these objectives in a clear brief to all suppliers and the team of colleagues you will have on the stand.

Engage Attendees

Engaging attendees means they’ll come to your stand and stay long enough for you to hopefully gain some contact details to follow up.
Although a free gift gets your name and brand out there, which is always useful, it won’t necessarily get you the contact details you need to follow-up with. A tried and tested method is a competition or prize draw. These methods are effective as they result in attendees engaging and leaving their contact details for a chance to win the prize. Ultimately resulting in you being able to follow them up with a phone call, email campaign or giving the good news that they have won!

Offer Free Wi-Fi or a way to charge their devices

Many events or exhibitions now offer free wi-fi in the building and is an essential tool for many attendees, especially technology-focused events. If the venue doesn’t offer it, this is something very positive to offer your visitors. With so many people checking in and tweeting in a small space, phone coverage can often be patchy so give them a little boost while they’re on your stand.

Take a weight off their feet

Attending exhibitions can be taxing on the feet, so offer attendees a space to take 5 away from the aisle and recharge their batteries.

Shout about your attendance before the show

From trade publications to the online presence you need to shout about your attendance at the event so that the right people hear about it and can plan a visit into their day. Shout about your presence at an exhibition and really engage your users before you arrive.
Social Media is a great tool, especially if the event has a social media presence they are trying to get trending. Attendees and other exhibitors will check to see who is attending, what they are offering, and how they intend to perform. And it’s free!

Contact Existing Customers

Some of your existing customers could be attending or thinking of attending the same trade show as your business, consider an email campaign to tell them where to find you at the exhibition and what you have to offer. Many visitors to trade shows attend in groups and use the opportunity to network with friends and colleagues, these could be potential new prospects for your business.

Creative Spaces Design offer a full service to deliver your next event. This means you won’t need to juggle multiple companies to ensure they all meet your deadlines. We will build the stand and pack it away for you afterwards which means you can just concentrate on all the important stuff.