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Exhibitions are Re-opening and Creative Spaces are Ready

After the government announced that the exhibition and event industry will be re-opening from October this year, we, alongside many in the industry, have been busy planning, designing and creating for our new and existing clients. Back in March, COVID-19 put a pause on events, exhibitions and conferences across the world but we’re now looking forward to attending events again, while being conscious of social distancing and taking precautionary measures.

What we’ve been up to since you last saw us

While we’ve been a little quieter on the exhibition and events side of things, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy creating, designing and installing our COVID-19 Safety Range for local businesses across South Wales, and will continue to do so to allow businesses to get social, at a distance.

As an innovative design agency, we pride ourselves in being proactive, rather than reactive, so while we have been busy with our COVID-19 Safety Range, we have also continued to work with our clients to plan and strategies their presence at events later on in the year.

And now, we couldn’t be more ready!

How we can collaborate for your next exhibition

We have the pleasure of working with brilliant brands to enhance their space at events and exhibitions; bringing to life their brand and providing an interactive experience for their consumers. We would love to do the same for you, and here are just a few ways we can work together for your upcoming event:

Exhibition Stands

We design and create exhibition stands to suit your space and brand. With everything we do, we are eco-conscious. Our stands are made of eco-frames, using 100% recycled aluminium, providing a cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for businesses who aim to reduce their mark on the planet, without compromising on quality.

With every project, we adopt a personalised approach, working closely with your team to create an environment which represents your brand, while working with safety measures. We have a vast range of stands to choose from, and each will be custom designed to suit your requirements.

COVID Safety Range

As events, exhibitions and conferences begin to re-open, safety precautions will be taken very seriously. Incorporating safety measures to ensure your visitors have a warm welcome and pleasant experience at your stand, will be a priority when planning for your event. We’ve got all of this covered; combining our innovative safety range with our customised and innovative stands, so you can focus on delivering excellent customer service. Here is an insight into our safety range offering:

  • Contactless hand sanitising units
  • Space partitions
  • Fever screening systems

COVID safety measures we’re taking

While the unknown nature of the virus is still very much at the forefront of people’s minds, we ensure that with everything we do, we are taking all safety measures and precautions to ensure you have a safe and socially distanced event, without sacrificing customer service and telling your brand’s story. In everything we do, from creating to delivery, we will ensure that all materials are sanitised and we are able to provide a contactless and seamless delivery.

Whether you are in the process of selecting the events your company will be attending, or you’re discovering options for your exhibition stand, we would love to hear from you. Let’s work together!