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Exhibition & Event Venues Turned Hospitals

How Our Industry Is Helping Out.

Amid widespread coronavirus-related event cancellations, empty venues and hotels are stepping up to support health care efforts. Here’s how our industry is pitching in.

Many of us in the events and hospitality industries are reeling from the worldwide Novel Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting banning of mass gatherings, travel bans and restrictions that have led to sweeping event cancellations and temporary lifestyle changes.

In other words, there are currently many event venues and hotels sitting empty as countries go in to ‘lockdown’ and impose increasingly strict limits on their populations’ movements and gatherings. But although these venues are experiencing a sharp decline in bookings, they’re serving a different purpose in the fight against COVID-19.

From Venues To Hospitals

Since the earlier days of the outbreak, several countries have been taking advantage of empty hotels and using them to house incoming or home bound travellers for quarantine purposes and more lately, temporary hospitals.

To add to this support in the UK our Government is looking to event venues such as Excel in London which is being considered as a potential 4,000 bed facility and the NEC in Birmingham as potential locations to create “Field Hospitals” to try and take pressure off of NHS and Private Hospitals as the epidemic continues to escalate across the country.

In these unprecedented times to some degree we all have to put aside concern regarding our personal business situations and look at the bigger picture.

As a nation what more can we do as a collective to fight this virus and try to bring the situation under control?

Only by respecting Government guidelines and taking a personal and collective responsibility will we be able to overcome this virus and make positive steps to move forward.

Think and act responsibly and stay safe.