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Exhibition Design is a collaborative process

Our design approach at Creative Spaces Design is a collaborative one, our clients are involved in every aspect of our project development. It is important that we fully understand your initial brief, that’s why it’s important we arrange a call with you or even better, set up a meeting. These first conversations help us to determine what the key aim is for your space, what challenges you are currently facing and how we can begin to resolve these.

We want to understand what the key messages are for your brand, what product/service you are offering and how you intend to use your space. We can then work on deciding the best way to present this to your audience and how to maximise your budget.

In the studio we will get to work on your concept, we will brainstorm and sketch ideas before moving onto creating 3D visuals. We like to present an initial concept through mood boards and visuals to present the direction we see your project taking. At this stage it’s great to set up a call and get your feedback so we can work on developing your design further. Once your happy with your design we can then make it a reality. We take care of everything from concept, graphics, technical drawings and logistics keeping you involved throughout the whole process.


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