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Exhibition Design

Driving Engament Through
Memorable Experiences. 

Exhibition stands designed and built by Creative Spaces always make an impact. Every customers key objective is carefully considered, resulting in comprehensive branded events and exhibitions that transform concepts into engaging consumer's experiences.
Hand Drawing
Exhibition Design

Design & Development

Our exhibition stand design and build begins with creativity and commercial purpose at the heart of every project our team undertake. We carefully considering how best to achieve the key objectives defined by the brief for each unique space. This ensures that not only is the result truly creative but also commercially viable to meet the client’s needs.

The Design team pay attention to every detail, as well as the sustainability and longevity of show assets (fabric graphics, unique elements), creating innovative branded environments that are carefully considered to achieve the exhibitor’s goals. Through innovative thinking and effective implementation, we can increase product awareness and brand loyalty, which in turn can drive sales. 
Exhibition Visuals


Once we have exhausted all creative possibilities through extensive design and development and arrived at a final proposal, we carefully draw the scheme into our CAD software. We then apply materials and lights to showcase your project in a photo realistic digital presentation. 
This phase of the project is where you start to see your exhibition stand take shape, and come to life. 

Project Management

With the design & proposal sign off complete, the next stage can get underway. When we begin the manufacturing stage of your project, one of our Project Managers will be allocated to put everything in place and keep things running smoothly. Throughout the duration, your Project Manager will keep things on track, liaising with you and all other parties involved, keeping you informed throughout.


Our in-house manufacturing ability gives us full control of a project’s quality right through to installation, before anything goes to site. This means that we can go beyond what would normally be possible for a 3D Design Agency. In addition, it means we can design and make completely bespoke pieces for clients that are unique to each exhibition space.

Our design studio deliberately overlooks the workshop. It makes it easy to maintain a strong link between our collaboration-led design approach and how we manufacture things.

Our designers regularly roll up their sleeves and get involved in the workshop. This means they can get to know the strengths and limitations of materials and figure out the best manufacturing methods at the outset – leading to more innovative ideas and a stronger exhibition experience.
Build Exhibition Stand
Exhibition Stand Live


Our support doesn’t end once the event is live. We are always on hand to support you during Live Events, especially when stands are tech heavy.
At the end of the event, your project manager will be in touch for a debrief and to organise any assets and material we may be holding, having brought them back from the event for you. We then generate a digital inventory of assets that we are storing on your behalf ready for your next exhibition.

Exhibition Projects