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Retail Design

Reinventing the work space in light of COVID-19 protocols.

Adapting Office Spaces With COVID-19

As vaccines continue to roll out and businesses start to open up again, we’re now curious about our post-lockdown lives. One daily routine the virus has affected in particular is our working environments and they will continue to be adapted for the foreseeable future.  Offices, Coffee Shops, restaurants and shops are looking for new ways […]
Covid-19 Safety Range

Our COVID-19 Safety Range: Bringing Branded Protection to Your Space

COVID-19 is changing the way businesses work, communicate and deliver products and services. We want to help you navigate and succeed during these challenging times. Over the past few months, protection, sanitization and preventing the spread of germs has become a priority. That’s why we have been working hard to develop our Safety Range. We […]
Successful Design

The Key to a Successful Design: How We Do It

At Creative Spaces, we create and deliver ground-breaking work every day. Design is a key aspect of all of our projects; whether we are working on brand activation or creating a new retail space. Our process incorporates expertise of both our team and our client’s team to ensure we exceed expectations. We become an extension […]