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Guide to successfully running your small event

A Guide To Making Your Small Event Successful

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, the events and exhibitions world is slowly opening up! While many large events still won’t be able to take place for some time, there are many ways we can utilise and make the most of our smaller events. Here’s a short guide to successfully running or attending your small […]
Let's work together in 2021 to become better and stronger.

2021: Our Year To Connect

As we enter a new year, set new goals and align our priorities, we take a moment to reflect on our past year. Our customers may have changed slightly, and the way our customers do things may have also changed. 2020 was largely spent being reactive rather than proactive with the uncertainty we all faced.  […]
We like to get creative, but we also stand by our values as a customer-focused and eco-conscious agency

Working with Creative Spaces Design: Our Values

Let’s start from the beginning…  we’re not really the new kids on the block any more but if you haven’t heard of us before, we’re Creative Spaces Design, a sustainable design and creative agency based in Cardiff, South Wales.  We specialise in exhibition, interior and retail design, as well as brand experience.  We wanted to […]
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Before we start shouting about what’s going on within our blog, I suppose we ought tell you who’s doing the shouting. We are Dan, Tom, Dave and Sophie, collectively we are the team behind Creative Spaces Design and the Creative Blog. As if by magic we have appeared here, but where did we come from? […]