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Brand Experiences

Experiences Through Collaboration. 

Ferrari. Apple. Ikea.

These are household names in much of the world. Each of them evokes certain feelings. We all engage with brands in some way, even if it’s at a distance. Regardless of how you view these brands, you get a consistent message. A message that has been carefully designed for clarity and consistency.
Whether you feel it or not, your experience with each of these brands has been thoughtfully designed.

What is a 'Brand Experience'?

Chances are, if you’ve ever been in an Apple Store, you can remember what it feels like. The environment has a uniquely 'Apple' feel to it. If you’ve ever driven (or even sat in) a Ferrari, your memory of doing so is probably vivid and palpable. In the same way, it only takes one trip to Ikea for someone to understand what it’s all about. Everyone who’s ever done these things can tell stories about their experiences, and they are all very similar. Why? Because these companies have recognized and invested in creating a brand experience.
The Brand

The Brand

More than just a logo.

A brand is much more than a name or logo. Those things are important, but without products or services or customers, a logo is just art.
A real brand is a fusion of these things. It’s a combination of identity, emotion, experiences, charisma – the soul of the company and the products it makes. Remove any of these factors and you’re left looking at only part of the picture.

‘Brands are more than names and logos. A company’s brand sits at the intersection of what they do and how people feel about it’. – J Cornelius

Design & Development

Before we begin developing a strategy, we invest a huge amount of time understanding the history, story and identity of the brand we are working with.
To create a great brand experience, you have to ask:

• What makes the company tick?
• How should people feel about what that company does?
• Why should people care?

You can then take these answers and create a narrative. Only then can you begin to define how the message should be used in a tangible experience. As you look at each channel (physical, digital, social) you have to ask;

• How will the brand message resonate here?
• How can we reinforce the message with other parts of the environment?
• How should people feel when they come here and/or use this?
• What feelings should they leave with?

These answers form a guide to our design direction of the brand experience.
Brand Development
Production Tuk Tuk


Our experience in manufacturing and the understanding of materials and substrates gives us full control of a projects development and construction. This means that we can go beyond what would normally be possible for a 3D Design Agency.

All aspects of design are considered during the manufacturing process to ensure that everything is perfect before anything goes to site for installation. Our integrated design studio and workshop makes it easy to maintain a strong link between collaboration lead design and manufacturing.

Our designers can often be found in the workshop working alongside our craftsmen. This gives them a greater understanding and knowledge of the manufacturing process leading to the design of better brand experiences. 
Brand Experience
Brand Experience
Brand Experience
Brand Experience

Brand Experiences