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A Guide To Making Your Small Event Successful

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, the events and exhibitions world is slowly opening up! While many large events still won’t be able to take place for some time, there are many ways we can utilise and make the most of our smaller events.

Here’s a short guide to successfully running or attending your small event. 

Be Space Savvy

Space is an opportunity, and the more space you have, the more guests you are able to welcome to your stand safely and with adequate distance. It’s all about using your space effectively to maximise its potential. 

When securing your event space, ensure your exhibition stand is designed to allow for social distancing, and doesn’t create any confined spaces. Many traditional stands and lighting are deeper in width, heavy and can be challenging to manoeuvre. We are constantly upgrading our materials to ensure we are using the most sustainable, high quality and innovative materials to create a unique space. Don’t feel limited by your space; take advantage of it!

Maximise Event Marketing 

Marketing your presence at the event, before, during and after your event is key to reach the success of the larger events you would usually attend. Let your target audience know you will be there. Streamlining your attendees will mean you have higher intent customers visiting your stand.

Welcome Virtual Visitors

Whether we like it or not, virtual has become part of our daily lives. With the virus still largely present, many businesses and customers are unable to attend these smaller events. Open up the opportunity for your target audience to experience your event by virtually streaming your talk, exhibition stand or event. 

A few final takeaways

#1 Invest in branded and quality hand sanitising stations for your event stand

#2 Provide your brand with free marketing by wearing or supplying branded, reusable face masks

#3 Go paperless, cashless and pen-less; choose digital ways to sign attendees up for mailing lists and to make transactions

As we begin to open stores, restaurants and office spaces, the world is getting ready for a return back to some normality. Are you readjusting your space to allow for social distancing? Take a look at our guide on adapting office spaces with COVID-19 in mind.