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2021: Our Year To Connect

As we enter a new year, set new goals and align our priorities, we take a moment to reflect on our past year. Our customers may have changed slightly, and the way our customers do things may have also changed. 2020 was largely spent being reactive rather than proactive with the uncertainty we all faced. 

While it was a turbulent and challenging year, we have many things to be thankful for and can only enter 2021 stronger and better. 


A Time To Work Together

2021 poses an opportunity to work together more than ever. As we still battle a pandemic, businesses and individuals can become siloed. We have been adopting these three ways to work together, not just as colleagues, but as agencies and businesses in the event and design industry.

#1 Network

Although networking may look a bit different to a usual networking event, take to LinkedIn and email to network amongst your network of customers, agencies and businesses. We may not all be in the same boat, but we’re riding the same storm, so don’t be afraid to spend a short amount of time each day to connect online with other professionals and teams to see how they’re working, share each other’s insights and work more collaboratively. 

Key Takeaway: Aim to network with at least 2 businesses or industry professionals each week.


#2 Team Up

Why not reach out to another business and partner up for a project? Building team relationships between your two businesses can enhance ideas, strategies and skills. 

Key Takeaway: Seek external support for an upcoming project.


#3 Reach Out

Have you had your eye on a competitor, or perhaps a business who does something similar to you, but not quite the same? Use now as an opportunity to reach out, build rapport and stay connected for tips, recommendations, and a familiar face. 

Key Takeaway: Sign up to a competitor’s mailing list and listen to what others are doing. Don’t hesitate to reach out and provide insight. 

Let’s make 2021 a year of engaging in new business relationships to begin the post-COVID story.

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